STEM Fun: Bag O' Rain

Engaging Science Fun for Kids

By Macaroni KID April 22, 2010

Who says it can't rain inside? Make your own rain and teach your child about the laws of condensation and evaporation!

  1. Draw a picture that includes a lake, a tree, a sun, and two clouds on the paper. If you like, you 
  2. Slide the paper inside the baggy. Trace the scene onto the baggy with permanent magic marker. It will not work with washable markers.
  3. Remove the paper.
  4. Fill the baggie with water to the top of the "lake" and seal it.
  5. Tape the baggie to a sunny window.

As time goes by, the sun heats the water and air that is sealed in the bag. The water evaporates until the "clouds" can't hold any more water. Then it starts to rain.