Pots of Gold Craft

Fill this leprechaun pot of gold with gold coins or popcorn.

By Angela Anderson, March 10, 2011


~2 liter soda bottle

~Black tissue paper

~Card stock

~Green glitter foam sticker paper

~2 metal fasteners

    1.    Cut the top off of a soda bottle making a bowl shape.  (Wash the inside)
    2.    Cut a strip of black tissue paper that is about two inches wider than the bowl shape you created
    3.    Wrap the tissue paper around the bowl.  Tape in place.  Wrap the bottom and tape.  Then fold the extra two inches of the tissue paper down into the inside of the bowl.
    4.    Make a handle for your pot of gold – Cut an 1 X 8 inch strip of card stock and wrap with the black tissue paper.
    5.    Choose where you want your handle to connect and mark it with a pen.
    6.    Parents use a safety pin to poke a hole on each side of the pot and through the handle.
    7.    Attach each side of the handle with the metal fasteners.  Now you will be able to move the handle up and down.
    8.    Decorate your pot of gold with a green glitter shamrock or use St. Patricks Day stickers.
    9.    Fill with gold coins or golden buttered popcorn!