Plan a Kid-Friendly New Year's Eve Celebration

Celebrate New Year's at home with your family!

By Jaime Geffen of YourBASH December 28, 2023

New Year's is right around the corner . . . what are your plans? And will you celebrate with your kids? I know we will! New Year's Eve has long been a night for dressing up, hitting the town at the hottest place out there, unfortunately, paying double at some of those spots. But, this year, we are changing our tradition and we are going to spend our New Year's Eve at home with our son. 

Now, what do we do with an almost 2 year old on New Year's . . . . .  

Here are some ideas for a fun night in with your little or not so little ones

Razzle Dazzle

Adults and kids equate New Year's Eve to sparkle and glitter. So, deck out your house with all that shines. Get the kids some sort of fun glitzy pajamas - tuxedo print for the boys and beaded necklace and sequins for the girls. Put revolving disco balls all around for moving lights and pass out beaded necklaces, party horns and hand clappers at the start of the night. Everyone will be in a festive mood when the clock strikes midnight. Fill balloons with gold and silver confetti that you will pop at midnight! 

Start a New Tradition

Whatever you plan to do, make it a tradition. Some people do a New Year's Tree, which is really their Christmas tree that that keep around and redecorate. Only rule is that it can not be red and green . . . has to be different and New Year's themed. Another idea, you can come up with a menu that you will only make on New Year's Eve every year that consists of some of your child's favorite goodies or items they may not get to eat often throughout the year. Let them help plan and execute the menu. This will give them a sense of accomplishment and something to look forward to every year. Finally, round out the night by gathering around and making New Year's resolutions together. If you do not have a tradition yet, it is never to late to start and a great way to make New Year's Eve something to look forward to year after year. 

Celebrate Another Time Zone

One of the toughest challenges of New Year's Eve with children is keeping them up way past their bedtime. So, why not celebrate early? You can even theme the party and menus to the city that you are celebrating. For example, you can serve "Big Apple Pie" while ringing in the New Year in New York City and play Broadway tunes throughout the evening. Or, if you are on the East Coast, you can celebrate as Big Ben strikes midnight in London. Serve fish and chips on newspaper for dinner and a trifle or shortbread cookies for dessert. Whichever time zone you are celebrating, it will just as exciting for your children as long as you ring in the New Year with style! 


No matter what you do to celebrate, your children will be so happy that you chose to be with them on New Year's Eve, it will be memorable and fun! 

You can even continue celebrating by watching the Rose Parade on TV. That is what I always did as a child with my parents, and in my mind it is still a "must." 

Best wishes to you and yours, I trust it will be filled with extraordinary experiences! 

These great tips were from Jamie of YourBash

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