National Geographic Toys by Uncle Milton

Macaroni Kid Review: Outdoor Explorer Toys

August 9, 2012
As I mentioned last week, we have been invited by Uncle Milton to check out some of their latest National Geographic Outdoor Explorer toys.Last week we reviewed the 4-in-1 Explorer Navigation Tool, the All-Terrain Nature Collector and the Earth Tag.  That review can be read by clicking here.

This week, we took at look at some of the toys that are perfect for night exploration. These are great fun on warm summer evenings! This week, my kids explored with the High Sierra Eco Explorer Kit (see above photo).  Using the kit, they collected lots of rocks and bugs. The kit even includes tweezers to pick up your finds and a magnifying jar to study them in. The big hit of the week was the headlamp - clearly, we needed two in my house as both of my kids wanted to use the headlamp the whole time! The toy is very easy to use – they catch little critters, study them with or without illumination, and then release them back into their natural environment!

Next, we checked out the Expedition Sky Flare. It claims to soar to 50 ft in the sky - we didn't get it that high but it got pretty high! The kids had fun takng turns launching the illuminated flare, watching it fly through the sky and retrieving it after it landed. This kept them entertained for quite a while! As with the Earth Tag we reviewed last week, we had fun with this one, but as a parent, it's important to make sure younger kids know what are appropriate targets (i.e. - not other people or animals.) Other than that, it was a good time!

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a pair of the Expedition Shoe Lights to review, but they look like fun! The shoe lights snap on to your child’s shoes and safely light the way to exploring.  The shoes have nine different angles, so your child can choose the best way to light the way.  There is a white LED pathfinder mode and a red LED night-view mode … and it’s easy to switch them back and forth.  These shoes are a perfect accessory to all the other exploration kits.

The best part of all these explorer toys is they are all available to you, at amazing discounts, by clicking here!

Stay tuned next week, as we share our review on the National Geographic Wild Puzzles. My daughter is a puzzle-lover so we should have lots to say next week!

The author received the toys for review for the purpose of this article.