National Geographic Toys by Uncle Milton

Macaroni Kid Review: Wild Puzzles

August 23, 2012

To wrap up our month with Uncle Milton's National Geographic toys, we spent the week playing with their Wild Games.

Our family's favorite was the Nat Geo Wild Wild Card Games (see above). It is pacakaged in a nice tin case which will definitely hold up over time and keep the cards from getting lost or bent. Included are four card games, animal style! The cards are oversized (great for little hands!) and the set includes the following games: Crazy Apes (Crazy Eights), Go Divin' (Go Fish), Old Ellie (Old Maid) and King of the Jungle (War). As I write this, I can truthfully tell you we have spent 2 solid hours TODAY alone playing Go Divin'. It's a big hit around here and will be great for your kids ages 5 and up.

We have also been doing some baby animal matching with the Nat Geo Wild Baby Animals Memory Match. If you have played Memory before, you know how this one works. Because you matchng baby animals, this would be a great gift for any animal loving kids on your life!

The author received the toys for review for the purpose of this article.