Easter Egg "Snowflakes"

By Melissa Hucal April 17, 2014
The same technique used to create beautiful paper snowflakes in the winter can be used to "decorate" paper Easter eggs this spring!

All it takes is some colored paper and a pair of scissors.

We used construction paper in purple, pink and yellow. Pastel-colored card stock or spring-patterned scrapbook paper would produce great results, too!

The key to making eggs instead of snowflakes is the shape. You'll begin with an oval/egg shape. Fold in half and then continue folding accordion-style. The folds will determine where the designs appear on your finished egg. Then cut shapes and designs in the paper, avoiding the curved edges (this is so the outer edge of your egg remains intact). Open carefully to reveal your design.

We strung a few together on a piece of twine to create a garland for our window. A string of egg "snowflakes" would also look great on a bookshelf or draped on the backs of your chairs or across the middle of the table for Easter dinner.