Jelly Bean Surprise for Your Kids Perfect for Easter

Priceless Moments on Easter Morning

By Christel M. Hoydic ~ Macaroni Kid Middletown April 10, 2014
Surprise your kids with this fun family tradition for Easter Morning! We started this a few years back and we'll be sure to continue the magic. The week before Easter the "Easter Bunny" sent our son a very special package - A small bag of jelly beans and a note that read:

You are a sweet kid! 
I thought you deserved this special treat this year. These jelly beans are magic, but one day a year. If you plant them any other time you're sure to shed some tears. Plant them in your yard, in a spot that's bright and sunny. And on Easter morning, a surprise, from ME The Easter Bunny! 
Love, The Easter Bunny xoxo

The wonder of these magic jelly beans kept such excitement for Easter Eve. Picking the perfect spot, he planted the Jelly Beans and couldn't wait to see what would happen.

In the morning he came out to find Large Chocolate Carrots had grown in place of the jelly beans. The look on his face was worth the planning and digging up jelly beans in the middle of the night.

What special traditions do you and your family share during the Easter season?

emhold from Getty Images Signature via Canva