Leprechaun Masks - St. Patrick's Day Craft

By Jamie Schlechter March 9, 2016
Materials Needed
Styrofoam Plate
Orange Paint, Marker or Crayon
Green, Yellow and Black Construction Paper
Orange Yarn
Toothpick or Needle
Glue or Glue Stick
Wooden Craft Stick

1. Paint or color the foam plate with orange, almost all the way around. Let dry.

2. Cut a hat out of green paper. I traced the plate for the top and left it straight on the bottom. Then cut a strip out of yellow or black for the hat band. Cut a square from the other color slightly bigger in height than the band. Fold the square in half and cut a smaller square out of middle, the outside piece is your buckle.

3. Glue the strip and buckle together, then glue them to the green hat.

4. Cut the yarn into 6-inch pieces, I made 14 of them. Then poke holes in the plate with a toothpick. Guide the yarn in with the needle or a toothpick, pull through enough to tie at other side. Turn the plate over and tie each piece of yarn in a knot so it won't pull through.

5. Cut a circle out of middle of the plate. This is a good job for a parent because you need to use a sharp scissors for a clean cut. If the edges get rough, use tape to smooth them over.

6. Glue or tape the hat onto the plate. Then attach a craft stick to the bottom so the child can hold the mask.

Now you have a Leprechaun Mask! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!