Colorful Tree Craft for Autumn, Earthday, Arbor Day or Tu B'Shvat

A DIY Tree Craft Perfect for Kids of All Ages

By Jodi Lorence, Publisher of Macaroni Kid White Bear Lake - Shoreview , MN December 30, 2023

Are you looking for a fun and engaging craft that even your littlest one can enjoy? Don't you just love all the colors of Autumn and all the beautiful fall colors? Bring that beauty indoors with this quick, but fun Autumn Tree Craft. This kid-friendly tree craft also works to celebrate Earth Day, Arbor Day or the Jewish holiday of Tu B'Shvat so grab some paper and have fun!

Colorful Tree Craft


  • Dot Paints / Dot Markers
  • Brown Marker
  • Cardstock paper

Publisher's Note:  If you don't have dot paint you can use any paint and cotton swabs, cotton balls or the end of a wine cork dipped in paint


  1. Draw the trunk of your tree and many branches on your paper. 
  2. Color the trunk in with the dot paints. 
  3. After the paint was dry I used a brown marker to outline the tree trunk and make the knot in the tree.
  4. Use a variety of fall colored dots to add the many leaves to the tree - add some leaves to the grass area as well. 
  5. Your child can use their imagination and draw a squirrel, birds, or whatever else that would add to their picture - maybe add some stickers. 
  6. Hang your colorful project up and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!