DIY Pencil Cup Holder Craft for Back to School Fun!

A Fun and Easy Activity to Get Ready for Back to School

By Anna Hall, Hickory NC Publisher Mom July 24, 2022
Get your kids into the school spirit with this exciting back-to-school craft! Spend quality time together while creating a functional and decorative pencil holder cup. The cup not only adds a fun touch to their study area but also serves a practical purpose. With colored pencils on the outside that can be easily removed and used, and then back into place, it's both playful and useful. Let the crafting and creativity begin!

Colored Pencil Cup Craft

Materials Needed:
  • Empty & clean soup can
  • Colored paint & paintbrush
  • Colorful fabric - optional
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Large box of colored pencils
  • Mounting putty
  • Colored ribbon
How to:
  1. Start with an empty soup can; make sure it is clean and dry.
  2. Paint the can the color of your choice and allow to dry completely
  3. Optional: Cut two strips of colorful fabric to wrap around the top and bottom edge of the can for a decorative border. Glue on the inside and outside edge with craft glue and allow to dry.
  4. Roll mounting putty to make a strip long enough to wrap around the outside of the can. Press to attach to the middle of the can. Note: you may choose to use 2 strips of putty to hold the pencils in place better.
  5. Press the colored pencils into the putty to cover all around the outside of the can.
  6. Tie a piece of decorative ribbon around the covered can for an extra touch of decoration.

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