School Canceled? 30 Free Educational Resources Kids Can Use At Home

Learning At Home Fun

By Jennifer Hill, publisher of Macaroni Kid Fremont, Calif. and Barbara Evangelista, publisher of By Barbara Evangelista, publisher of Macaroni Kid Lowell, Mass. March 23, 2020

Here are some educational resources that kids of all ages could use at home. I was impressed with some of the great online programs I found, as well as some awesome printable websites! 

Many of these sites contain mostly worksheets.  For well-rounded online lessons and interactive activities organized by grade level, you can also start with iXL and Khan Academy

Free Educational Resources To Explore and Use With Your Family:

Grades Preschool - 5th grade

  • Worksheets and Printables
  • Epic! Digital Library for Kids 12 and Under [Free for 30 days, then $8 a month]
  • Great Schools Worksheets for Preschool through 5th Grade
  • JumpStart Printable Worksheets for All Subjects and Ages
  • Kidzone Worksheets for Children
  • Vooks A World of Animated Storybooks [Free for teachers, parents can get a one-month trial free, then $5 per month]

Grades K-5

  • K5 Learning Reading and Math for K-5 [14 day free trial, then $15 per month]
  • Mystery Science Open-and-Go Lessons that Inspire Kids to Love Science [Offering a free login for selected lessons]
  • TLS Books Educational Worksheets for Preschool through 6th Grade

Grades K-8

Middle School

Grades K-12

  • Breakout EDU Digital Learning Games
  • Busy Teacher Printable Worksheets and Lesson Plans [Organized by topic, then choose level.]
  • CK-12 The Smarter Way to Learn [Math, social studies, science]
  • Common Core Sheets Worksheets for All Subjects and Ages
  • Easy Teacher Worksheets Printables for All Subjects and Ages [Organized by subject matter.  No grade information listed]
  • IXL Personalized Learning with Comprehensive Pre-K-12 Curriculum and More
  • K12 Reader Reading Instruction Resources, Printables, and Articles
  • Khan Academy Online Courses, Lessons, and Practice
  • Math-Aids Dynamically Created Math Worksheets
  • Math Worksheets [Grouped by math topic, but no grade/age information]
  • Math is Fun Math Worksheets [Grouped by topic, but no grade/age information]
  • SoftSchools Printable Math and Phonics Worksheets, Math Games, and Grammar Quizzes
  • Spelling Words Printable Spelling Worksheets
  • TeAchnology Printable Worksheets for K-12
  • Twinkl Interactive Activities and More [Free month trial]