5 Fun Games Kids Can Play With Empty Plastic Easter Eggs

Fun things your family can do with all those leftover Easter Eggs!

By Christel M. Hoydic ~ Macaroni Kid Middletown March 20, 2023

What to do with all those leftover empty plastic Easter eggs? Plastic Easter Eggs are great for hiding treats and prizes inside and kids love them . . . but afterward what can do you do with them? Well, Macaroni KID has five fun games you can create and play with your family, they can play all year long until you have a new batch of eggs to start over with next year, lol!

Here are 5 fun games kids can play with empty Easter Eggs:

The Egg Memory Game

Find small items in matching pairs "I used stickers" and place them underneath plastic egg halves

  • Players take turns revealing two items at a time by picking up the egg. 
  • If they are a match, the player keeps the items and takes another turn. 
  • If they are different, the items are covered back up and the next player takes a turn. 
  • Keep going until all of the matches have been discovered.

Stack em' and Don't Crack em'

Get ready for some egg-citing races and fun competition!

  • Gather as many plastic eggs as you can find, open them, and place them in a pile in the middle of the table. 
  • Set a timer and have the players race to see who can stack the highest tower of eggs in one minute. 
  • When the timer dings, all players put their hands in the air,.
  • If your tower topples over you are disqualified.

What's in my Egg?

A great way to practice logic skills and have fun at the same time!

  • Everyone playing takes an egg.
  • Then everyone playing looks around the house to find an item that will fit in the egg. 
  • Gather back at the table and take turns giving three clues to the other players. 
  • Take guesses as to what is in everyone's eggs.

Egg Flip

This one brought a lot of competition and laughter to our table

  • Set up the bottom halves of your plastic eggs with the curved part down - so that they look like mini bowls. 
  • Take turns tapping the underside of the eggs to try to flip them. 
  • If they fall on the floor, pick them up and try again. 
  • Keep going until all the eggs are flipped. 
  • You can play one at a time and time each person or compete all at once.

Egg Catcher

For this game you will need a plastic cup and a piece of string, ribbon, or rope. 

  • Punch a small hole through the bottom of the cup and secure the string through it - tying a few knots at the end did the trick for me. 
  • Poke the other end of the string through the small hole in the plastic egg, tie a few more knots, close the egg, and play. 
  • Holding on to the cup, swing the egg back and forth, up and down trying to catch it in the cup. 
  • The longer the string, the easier it is! 

How many tries will it take you? Challenge your friends to see how it takes each of you to do!

William from Getty Images via Canva