May is National Water Safety Month

Tips, Videos, App and Links to Help You Make Sure Your Kids Are Water Safe

By Macaroni KID April 25, 2022

They days are getting warmer and school will be out soon - that mean more time for water fun for our families. No matter if you are hitting the beach or the pool safety is important - make sure to talk to your kids about how to stay safe around water. May is National Water Safety Month and with more opportunities for kids to be around the water, I thought it was a great time to make sure kids are water safe. Event if you don't have a pool at home it 's that time of year for pool parties and trips to the beach. Let’s face it, safety is important, especially water safety. No matter how busy we get or how much fun we are having, it’s always best to keep safety rules in mind. 

One of my favorite places to head to on hot days is the beach, I personally make it a point to set up near a lifeguard station, just in case. This is also a good time to start thinking about swim lessons for your kids.

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Robby to the Rescue - Ventura County Fire Department

During the spring and summer, water is the prime choice for cooling off for everyone. Many people enjoy swimming pools, beaches, lakes, and ponds. Although they are fun, they can also be dangerous and we need to remember to put safety first.

In this video, Firefighter Robby teams with Station 53 and EMS Medical Director Dr. Dan Shepherd to talk about how you can make sure everyone stays safe while in the water! 

Visit the Firefighter Robby webpage for more safety information here.

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Water Safety Resources:


  1. Always watch children around water - Assign an adult as a “water watcher”
  2. Stay within arm’s reach of young or non-swimming children in the water
  3. Swim when a lifeguard is present
  4. Reach or throw, not go, to help a swimmer who is in trouble
  5. Learn CPR  - adults and teens
  6. Enroll in swim lessons
  7. Teach children to always ask a parent / guardian to obtain permission before entering a pool
  8. Don’t swim or play around pool drains or swim near missing drain covers
  9. Avoid alcohol in aquatic environments - especially when supervising children
  10. Parents should create layers of protection between the water and your children, such as gates, alarms, and fencing

More Water Safety Information: