Create Sweet Patriotic Red, White and Blue Snacks - Fun for Kids

No-Bake Red, White and Blue S'mores and Candy Bark Perfect to Celebrate Independence Day

By Sharon Rosenthal July 1, 2022

Are you looking for a fun and sweet way to celebrate our country's Independence? I got creative with the kids and we made some red white and blue treats to share on July 4th and as gifts to drop off to our friends. We used all these toppings for both recipes so I am putting them together. We made patriotic S'mores that don't require cooking or grilling and red white and blue Candy Bark to give as gifts to friends to Celebrate Independence Day.

Here is what we made . . . 

No-Bake Red, White & Blue S'mores 
July 4th Red, White & Blue Bark

What You Will Need


  • Cupcake Pan
  • Spoons and Knives for decorating
  • Two small sealable sandwich bags
  • Colored Sugar in Red, White and Blue, you can buy or make your own - see below for how to make your own
  • Mini marshmallow - we love Dandies
  • Blue, red and any white candies or chocolate chips you can find in those colors
  • Dried Cranberries
  • White marshmallow Fluff
  • Red and Blue Food Coloring

Here is what the toppings tray looks like

To Make this cupcake topping tray

Put each of the different types of candy or chocolate chips and dried cranberries in a cupcake space


  • You will want three sections for sugar. If you want to color your own: spoon out a quarter cup plain sugar into one spot on the tray, then take two plastic bags and fill with a quarter cup of sugar each, put a drop of blue food coloring in one bag and shake, put a drop of red food coloring in with the other sugar bag and shake - When both are well mixed pour into their spot on the cupcake tray.


  • You will want three spots for the different colors of fluff. Spoon out the fluff for white in the tray, then spoon out white in the next two spots on the tray. Add a drop of blue food coloring to one and a drop of red food coloring to the other white fluff. Mix the blue and red to turn your fluff into your color.

No-Bake Red, White and Blue S'mores

You will need:

  • Cupcake tray above filled
  • Graham Crackers

Step 1:  Take a Graham Cracker and start decorating. 

Step 2:  Start using the fluff and spread it on the cookie/cracker

Step 3:  Use the colored sugar, chocolate chips, candies to get creative and add it on top of the fluff

Step 4:  Enjoy your treat!!

July 4th - Red, White and Blue Bark

You will need:

  • Cupcake tray above filled
  • Parchment Paper on a small glass pan or plate - Don't use metal if you plan to microwave
  • White or Multi Colored Chocolate Chips - We had a blue and white chocolate chips

Step 1:  Put Parchment on a Glass Baking Pan

Step 2:  Spread out your chocolate chip with them close together and touching on the parchment paper

Step 3:  Put in Microwave to melt. Set it on melt for 1 minute. Then 30 seconds each time until chips are mostly melted.

Step 4:  Smooth out the melted chips with a knife and spread into a square or rectangle shape

Step 5:  Decorate with the items found on your cupcake pan like the colored sugar, candies, marshmallow, dried cranberries

Step 6:  Stick in the freezer until chocolate has hardened

Step 7:  Pull it out of freezer and crack into bark

Enjoy your treats!

This previously shared article has been edited and update by Macaroni KID Conejo Valley - Malibu - Calabasas