Macaroni KID Free Printables! Print a Love Note To Make a Day Special

Brighten Your Child's Day With a Love Note

By Macaroni KID July 24, 2022

Time to head back to school! It can be a challenge to transition back to school after a relaxing summer. We came up with a printable to make it easy for both you and your child.  All you need to do is use these to drop your kids cheerful notes — no matter where they're studying. You can drop them in their lunchboxes, slide them into their Chromebooks, or even leave them under their pillows. The positive messages on the cards are sure to bring a smile to their faces and remind them you're there for them during what might be an unsettled time in their lives. 

We also came up with a daily routine printable to help keep your kids focused and on task while doing everyday things, like getting dressed and brushing their teeth. We've posted this daily routine list in our kids' rooms and have found we have to do much less nagging — we just ask if they've done everything on the list! We've included a daily routine printable that's filled out and one that's blank, because we know everyone's school day will look different this year and wanted to make it easy for you to customize to best work for your family.

We hope these printables make back to school time just a little bit more fun and easy for you and your family ... because we could all use more easy and fun during this unpredictable school year!

Simply click the images below to get your free printables:

This previously posted article was updated July 24, 2022