If You Give Your Child A Learning App

Get 2 months of unlimited access to ABCmouse for just $5 (then $12.99/mo. until canceled)

By Veronica Leon, Publisher of Macaroni KID North Scottsdale July 22, 2021

Image Credit: Veronica Leon 

Get 2 months of unlimited access to this award-winning learning program for just $5 (then $12.99/mo. until canceled).

If you give your child a learning app, he just might turn it on, and if he turns it on, he might get excited to learn about math and phonics. When he is finished, he will get tickets.

Then he will want to continue learning to make sure he earns more tickets in ABCmouse. So, he’ll probably ask to keep learning. 

When he is finished, give him a prize and he’ll want to learn more. He might get carried away and want to learn all the math, phonics, reading, and more. 

When he is done, he’ll probably want to take a break. You’ll have to fix him lunch, make him comfortable and enjoy the break. 

He’ll probably tell you all about his learning. So you’ll need to listen and he’ll ask to show you the math, phonics, reading, and more.. 

When he looks at his finished work, he’ll get so excited he’ll want to get back to learning more about math and phonics. 


ABCmouse is an educational website and app for children ages 2-8. It works as a monthly subscription with a wonderful free trial period to ensure you like the product before having to pay for it. I always love to try things before I buy.

Your child will follow their learning path within each land. Each lesson builds up towards the next lesson. To progress to the next level your child has to master certain skills which ensures that they don’t mistakenly move forward to new concepts until they are ready.


Your child will begin by doing an assessment. Many of the tests will need parental supervision. Don’t cheat or help your child here, as their results will determine which lesson they begin at and what they need to learn. If a child is placed at a level beneath where they should be, they won’t progress and it can get boring for the child. 

Once they are placed in the correct land and lesson number, your child will complete lessons going forward. Their motivation to play is receiving ‘tickets’ for each completed lesson. My 3.5-year-old loves counting how many tickets he earns and little does he know that the visual number representation is another silent way that he is working on his number recognition and counting skills.


⭐️ There are no ads or pop-up advertisements.

⭐️ ABCmouse app works great on the iPad.

⭐️ Great travel app to keep the kids entertained. 

⭐️ You can monitor your child’s progress in the parent area.

⭐️ ABCmouse games are engaging for toddlers and preschoolers.

SAFETY: ABCmouse is a 100% safe and kid-friendly environment that is fully COPPA-compliant (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). It contains no pop-ups or links to other websites, eliminating access to potentially dangerous content. They make sure it is 100% engaging fun education for kids! Additionally, ABCmouse also does not feature advertising of any kind.

Get 2 months of unlimited access to this award-winning learning program for just $5 (then $12.99/mo. until canceled).

Do you have kids over 8 years old? You can try Adventure Academy free for 30 days, then it is $12.99/month until canceled. It is an online learning game for kids ages 8-13 from the same creators of ABCmouse.

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