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Join BSA Cub Scout Pack 3789: For Boys and Girl who like Fun, Adventure and the Great Outdoors!

By Brenna Gutell September 5, 2023

Thinking about joining Cub Scouts? Cub Scout Pack 3789 is currently signing up new scouts for the 2023 - 2024 year - join anytime. Cub Scouts is for boys and girls, YES I said "Girls" in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Cubs Scouts is lots of Fun, they have many Family Friendly events and activities! ⚜️ 

They have lots of fun adventures in the works, they are planning several exciting events including a day with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Camping on the Battleship IOWA and more. Reach out to learn more and attend a meeting. Your kids will thank you!!

Ready to learn more? email: for more information

How: Pack meetings are held monthly in Thousand Oaks, Oak Park or nearby, Den meetings are once or twice a month depending on rank / grade in and around Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills or nearby. Joining Cub Scouts is a great opportunity for your kids and your whole Family, they have family friendly events and activities through the year including camping, hiking and community service, there are many opportunities for parents to be involved as well. Lots of outdoor fun for all!

Are your kids up for "Adventure" are they interesting in earning achievements, hiking, camping, fishing, learning new things, building and racing a pinewood derby car and a racing and building a Raingutter Regatta boat, guest speakers and working on community service projects? Many of the activities the Pack participates in are influenced and guided by the interests of the kids, parent volunteers and adult leaders, I encourage you to consider joining our Pack.

Publisher's note:  I love scouting, it teaches so many important life skills, teamwork, helps build confidence and a sense of accomplishment, it's a great place to make new friends and not just for the kids! I grew up in scouting, I was a Girls Scout starting out as a Brownie, a Junior and then a Cadet and my brothers were Cub Scouts too. When I was in High School I joined the Explorer Scouts another part of BSA, I was a Police Explorer and trained at the police academy and no it was not like the movie, lol. There are many different kinds of Explorer Scouts for your older kids. I have so many fond memories of my days as a Girl Scout and wanted my son to have this too. I highly recommend it, my youngest joined Cub Scouts as a 1st grader, now he has bridged to BSA Scouts and hopefully one day he'll advance all the way to Eagle Scout. It's always interesting to be out in the community with my son while he's wearing his uniform as so many will share their scouting stories. I found out that many years ago both my grandmother and my father in law were Den leaders, so cool.

To learn more about Cub Scouts watch the short video below, visit the BSA YouTube page for even more informative videos. Read all about Cub Scouts on the BSA website here. If you are still wondering why your child should join Cub Scouts, click here to visit the BSA website where you can read all about the benefits of scouting

Cub Scout Pack 3789 

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For more information about joining Cub Scouts Pack 3789 email:

Here are just a few photos of the Pack from 2021 - 2022: competing in the Pinewood Derby, my son building a rocket with the older BSA troop, Raingutter Regetta race, Memorial Day flag placement at Pierce Brothers in Westlake Village, displays of both the Pinewood Derby cars and Raingutter Regatta boats and finally our scouts working hard on a community service project repainting a local basketball court.  Every year the Pack works on several community service projects to help give back including the Annual Scouting for Food.

Read about what Cub Scout Pack 3789 had been up to in past years:

Pack 3789: What we achieved
By Victor Zeng, Cubmaster

Pack 3789 is no exception in terms of enduring negative impacts of the COVID 19 pandemics, but I am proud to say that we were able to continue our Scouting program as a Pack and achieved many goals.

  1. We kept our Pack meeting going through Zoom meetings during the toughest times, and went back to in-person meetings when it was safer to do so.
  2. We had virtual Camp-In’s in which all Scouts could do “camping” at backyards, living rooms, or bedrooms at their own homes, and made camping food and had “camp-fire” activities. We all had so much fun that we decided to do it twice.
  3. We had a few special events that added lots of fun to our Scouting activities:
    ­In the Oct, 2020 International Space Station event, we talked to a space scientist and trained astronaut on Zoom, and were able to see the ISS flying above our area with our own eyes.
    ­In Dec, 2020, we met with a Boeing engineer to learn about Dreamliner 787
    ­In Jan, 2021 “Fun with Gemstone” event, we were able to see how an artist cut, grind and polish a piece of gemstone. Each of our Scouts could receive a cut-open Botswana Agate in his or her own hands.
    ­In Jun, 2021, our Scouts and family members were able to visit the James Webb Space Telescope in a Northrup Grumman facility, before its launch into solar orbit far away from the Earth. That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
  4. In Oct, 2020 our Pack could do a social-distanced hiking near Oak Park. And then we did another hike in Wildwood Park to visit the Paradise Fall in March of 2021. Taking parts in Junior Ranger program during our hiking activities, some of our Scouts earned National Park Service’s Junior Range badge.
  5.  In Mar 2021, some of our Scouts went fishing at the Balboa Lake and caught some sizable fish.
  6. In Apr, 2021, some of our Scouts joined Troop 775 to make and launch their own rockets up high in the Mojave desert.
  7. In May, we did our Community Service Project at Gateway church by cleaning, repairing and re-painting the basketball court. Our Scouts also participated in Memorial Day Flag Placement to honor veterans.
  8. In end of May, 2021, Pack 3789 bridged out 9 Webelos Arrow of Light, and many of them joined BSA Troops in Ventura and Los Angeles, including the 1st group of girls to bridge out from our Pack. And our Blue and Gold banquet and bridging ceremony made onto the local Acorn newspaper.
    As the new Cubmaster at Pack 3789, I am committed to deliver to our Scouts not only the traditional and authentic Scouting experience, which the BSA organization has been known to offer, but also some new and exciting STEM-related learning experience that I believe are beneficial to them.

To share a little bit of my background, I am a Chartered Financial Analyst charter-holder working in wealth management and have an MBA degree from University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. My favorite hobbies include outdoor adventures, traveling, amateur radio and all sorts of technology-related fields. Besides Scouting, I am also volunteering at Ventura’s Amateur Radio Emergency Services, for emergency communications service and preparedness. Because of my background and interest, I am going to bring to our Scouts a few new experiences:

  • Introduction to Data Science: I cannot imagine our Scouts could grow up without needing to learn and use this relatively new field of science and technology. I personally had some catching-up for my professional learning, and I am going to find some resources that can bring it down to a level that is suitable for our Scouts.
  • Introduction to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: we had touched a little bit on this 2 years ago by having a robotic car demonstration at one of the Pack meetings. 
  • Imagining a day when there are robotic cars and trucks filling the highways and remote controlled/autopiloted drones shuttling in the air space – our Scouts belong to the generation to make it a reality.
  • Introduction of Amateur Radio: It is an emergency communication tool, but also presents to them life-long learning opportunities in many STEM areas.

Pack 3789 is going strong, thanks to the contributions of our Scouts, Scouts’ parents, Cubmaster, all Committee members, and Den leaders. We will need more adult volunteers to step up and continue to make this a great Cub Scout Pack, and to give our Scouts the best memories in Scouting in the coming year.

Cub Scout Pack 3789 

For more information about joining Cub Scouts Pack #3789 email: