Gift the Experience of Creating Your Own Stuffed Animal with Budsies

Budsies brings your child's imagination to life by transforming artwork into one-of-a-kind stuffies

By Sarah Hauge, Publisher, Macaroni Kid, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Centennial December 6, 2021

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for my kids has had me second-guessing myself far too often. You've probably asked yourself the same questions: What is my child truly interested in? What will get played with for more than a day? Where can I find meaningful, high-quality gifts that last? Are experience gifts better than toys?

Budsies can take all of those doubts off your plate this year. The Budsies Creativity Kit allows you to create your own character from scratch and turn it into a huggable stuffed creation. Made by hand from a team of talented artists, these one-of-a-kind stuffies are sure to be the #1 holiday gift for 2021.

Budsies provided me with a Budsies Creativity Kit and compensation for this article.
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My 9-year-old and I tried the Budsies Creativity Kit together. When I asked her what she wanted to make, she immediately thought of her favorite animal: a margay. Never heard of it? Neither had I. These small, adorable wildcats look similar to ocelots and they can be found primarily in Central and South America. 

Because margays aren't mainstream in the stuffed animal world, my daughter hasn't had the opportunity to find one, let alone add one to her collection... until now.

Using the supplies provided in the Budsies Creativity Kit, my daughter got straight to work sketching out her vision of a margay. When she finished drawing, I took a photo of it and uploaded the image directly to the Budsies website with her character description:

This is my margay, Lily. She likes to play with rocks with her friends in the jungle. She often climbs up trees backwards which is easy for her because she has short legs and a really long tail to help her balance.

With as much excitement as she had drawing her own Budsies creation, I am eager for the day when her custom-made stuffy arrives on our doorstep. Not only will she create new memories with Lily, but we'll be able to look back at the day we spent quality time researching and drawing her favorite animal together.

This year, your holiday gift decision doesn't need to be an experience vs. a toy. As my family recently learned, Budsies lets you have the best of BOTH! Recommended for ages 4+, the Budsies Creativity Kit includes everything you need to bring your artwork to life: a sketch pad, colored pencils, crayons, a storybook, and Dongler (the official Budsies mascot).

Get your kits ordered today, tuck them under the Christmas tree, and experience the magic of watching your child's creativity unfold!

The Budsies Creativity Kit is a fantastic, creativity-inspiring gift for kids.

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