10 Ways to a Better You in 2023

Get back to basics for a successful 2023

By Shay Brase, publisher of Macaroni KID Broomfield-Erie-Lafayette-Louisville, Colo. December 26, 2022

New Year's resolutions, or the thought behind them, can be exciting to make. We have the best of intentions to keep them. But . . . many of them don't last long. 

So my resolution this year: Throw unrealistic expectations out the window - Right now!

Instead, I'm focusing on the many simple things I can do to improve myself, my family relationships, and my community. 

Here are 10 back-to-basics resolutions to consider for 2023

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Back to basics in self-care:

  • Floss daily:  Twice is recommended. Studies show this simple act can prolong your life expectancy!
  • Start taking a multivitamin:  Because your body probably needs more nutrients than what you are getting.
  • Move your body:  Find what feels right to you and start there, whether it's a new gym membership, a regular walk, training for a 5K, or taking an online yoga class - Just get moving!
  • Limit or give up a vice:  Yep, you probably already have an idea of what you "should" cut down on. Some common examples are soda, sweets, sugar personal screen time, nicotine, alcohol, or even gossip . . . choose to lift others up!
  • Try something new:  Nothing can get you out of a rut like trying something new. Make 2023 the year you learn calligraphy, take guitar lessons, enjoy salsa classes, or learn to sew. Whatever you've always wanted to learn but never have taken the time to do . . . Now is the time!

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Back to basics with family:

  • Call a loved one every week:  Grandma will be thrilled to hear from you!
  • Prioritize date nights: Your other half will thank you. I've always been told that once per week is the best for a relationship. I also don't believe this is feasible in many typical families . . . or at least mine. But we could at least shoot for once or twice per month. Grab take-out, go on a hike, watch movies on the couch, paint the bathroom — just do it together, and without the kids! 
  • Dedicate a few minutes per day for one-on-one time with each child:  This can be as simple as a five-minute snuggle during wake-up or bedtime or reading one of their favorite books together. Even just a few minutes of one-on-one time can mean so much to a child, especially if you have a large family.
  • Give yourself grace:  There are days when we wear ourselves down with parent guilt. Remember, you are enough - you love your children, you are a great parent!

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Back to basics with caring for others:

  • Find a cause you believe in and do what you can to help:  Time, talents, money . . . what do you have to give? Or is it a little of each? Giving back is good for the recipient, for the mental health of the giver, and is a great life lesson for your kids. Even something as simple as helping a neighbor or a friend.

What resolutions are you setting for yourself? Keep them simple and get back to the basics for a successful 2023.

Shay Brase is the publisher of Macaroni KID Broomfield-Erie-Lafayette-Louisville, Colo.