3 Fun Ways to Celebrate 100 Days of School with Your Kids

Make the day special for your hardworking student!

By Sarah Hauge, publisher of Macaroni KID Englewood, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Colo. January 16, 2023

The first day of school is a milestone that is often marked with photos, a special routine, and a slew of emotions. I remember both of my kids' first days with such vivid clarity. The 2nd day and 3rd day - not so much. In fact, every day after seemed to get lost in the blur of time passing. 

That is, until the 100th day of school!

It was such a pleasant surprise to learn that our school puts so much enthusiasm behind celebrating this day. For a kindergartener, 100 is a Really Big number, so marking this time is a welcome break in the school year. Because I like to celebrate minor holidays like this one, I was especially excited to learn that there are so many Fun ways to feature "100." 

Here are just 3 ideas to commemorate the special occasion:

Photos courtesy of Sarah Hauge and Sharon Rosenthal

1. Snack your way to 100

  • Gather ingredients potluck style to create your own snack mix with 100 ingredients
  • Alternatively, feature the number 100 with candies and cereals atop delicious cupcakes

Photos courtesy of Kara Murphy and Natalia Borquez

2. Age your way to 100

Dress up like a centenarian "a 100-year old" with items from a thrift store or costume shop. You could also try using an aging app to see what you'll look like at 100 years old. 

Did You Know? There are only about 50,000 people in the US who are 100+ years old, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Photos courtesy of Renae Gonzalez and Jessica Miller

3. Craft your way to 100

There are endless possibilities for creating signs and shirts with 100 items. Find your inspiration and roll with it! Here are some Macaroni KID superstars showing off their incredible creations

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