April Holidays and Occasions to Honor and Celebrate with your Family

Major religious holidays, April Fools' Day, Earth Day and other holidays happening this month!

By Macaroni KID Conejo Valley - Malibu - Calabasas April 15, 2024

April is here with spring in the air as we anticipate warmer weather, it's also a month filled with important days and joyous celebrations from religious holidays and traditions to environmental awareness and let's not forget those fun & silly days too. Springtime is when many cultures and religions celebrate rebirth and renewal during holidays such as Passover. 

Remind your family to be on the lookout so you notice the trees and flowers blooming - especially after all the rain we've had, and if you are lucky you might spot some of our local wildlife and their offspring - mostly I see squires, bunnies and birds in my yard. What has your family seen?

April brings something for everyone! Here are 10+ special holidays, events and observances for your family to enjoy and learn more about:

April Fool's Day

April 1

On April 1st, people around the world celebrate April Fool's Day - watch the video above to learn how it started. For many it's a day dedicated to practical jokes and hoaxes - especially for the kids. People often play pranks on each other, and it can be a day to let loose and have some fun and you know the kids are all about April Fool's Day! 

Have fun! But always watch your back.

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National Library Week

April 7 - 13, 2024

The National Library Week theme for 2024 is Ready, Set, Library! Libraries are at the heart of our communities and schools, providing a public space where all community members can come together to connect and learn. 

Important days this week are:

  • Monday, April 8: Right to Read Day - a day of action supporting the right to read. The State of America's Libraries Report releases include; top-ten most challenged books of 2023.
  • Tuesday, April 9: National Library Workers Day, a day recognizing the valuable contributions of library workers.
  • Wednesday, April 10: National Library Outreach Day, a day the dedicated library professionals who reach patrons where they are.
  • Thursday, April 11: Take Action for Libraries Day, a day to rally advocates to urge members of Congress to protect the freedom to read.

Solar Eclipse

April 8, about 10 am - 12:30 pm

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, United States, and Canada.

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March 10 - April 9

The holy month of Ramadan began at sunset March 10th, since Muslim holidays follow the Islamic calendar the dates change from year to year. Ramadan is observed in the 9th month of the year, moving a few weeks earlier each year. For Muslims around the world this month of fasting is also a time to focus on faith and helping others. The observances include daily prayer, reflection, community, and fasting from sunrise to sunset. As the sun sets the daily fast is broken with prayers and a meal, often shared with family and friends. It also commemorates the time of year when the prophet Mohamad receives the Quran, the holy book for Muslims. Ramadan starts from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next.

Save the Date for next year:  Ramadan starts February 28, 2025 and ends March 30, 2025

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Day of Silence

April 12

The Day of Silence is a national student-led day of action where LGBTQ students and allies take a vow of silence to protest the harmful effects of harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ people in schools, followed by Break the Silence rallies to bring attention to ways their schools and communities can become more inclusive. The Day of Silence is observed on the second Friday each April. Find more, including lessons and activities, here. 

MK Articles:

LGBTQ Organizations and Resources:

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Purple Up Day

April 15

On April 15th, let's unite in wearing purple to honor 1.6 million military kids on Purple Up Day. This symbolic gesture pays tribute to the resilience and sacrifices of these remarkable children. Purple represents the collective colors of all military branches, reflecting the diverse backgrounds within military families. As we mark Purple Up Day, let's also recognize April as the Month of the Military Child, culminating in National Military Brats Day on April 30th. While some organizations may observe these occasions on different dates, April 15th holds significance as a day to honor and support the unsung heroes of military families.

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National Park Week

April 20 - 28, 2024

Celebrate America's treasured parks! National Park Week is a time to explore amazing places, discover stories of history and culture or volunteer! Every April, during the presidentially proclaimed National Park Week, the National Parks Service (NPS) joins with the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America's national parks, to celebrate America's treasures. Parks across the country will host a variety of special programs, events, and digital experiences. Entrance fees are waived on April 20 to kick off National Park Week and encourage everyone to enjoy their national parks. 

Free Days at National Parks in 2024, Plus 3 Tips On Visiting With Kids

Special dates in 2024:

  • April 20: Entrance Fee Free Day
  • April 20: Park Rx Day
  • April 21-27: National Volunteer Week
  • April 22:  Earth Day
  • April 27:  National Junior Ranger Day

Explore amazing places, discover stories of history and culture, help out, and find your park:

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April 22 - 30, 2024

Passover, also known as Pesach which means "to pass over" in Hebrew — is an eight day long observance celebrated during the spring. Passover commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. Pesach is observed by avoiding leavened bread, and highlighted by the Seder meals that include four cups of wine, eating matzah and bitter herbs, and retelling the story of the Exodus.

Shopping for Kosher foods, Jewish items and gifts:

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Earth Day

April 22

Every year, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. This is a great day to assess how your family impacts the environment and think about small changes you can make to help our environment. Take a peek below to learn more plus small changes your family can make to help the Earth and fun nature crafts you can do with your kids.

Read more about the history of this 52 year old celebration of our big blue planet

Publisher Kari Treat's daughter. She was born with one hand.
Photo courtesy of Kari Treat

Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month

April 1 - 30

Almost two million Americans have experienced amputations or were born with limb difference, additionally 28 million people are at risk for amputation.

Explore more:

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Autism Awareness Month

April 1 - 30

World Autism Awareness Day - April 2  

Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability, currently 1 out of 36 eight year old children have been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) based on estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network. The rate in California is even higher  with 1 in 26 identified with Autism and four times more prevalent in boys than among girls. Autism varies greatly from one person to the next, about 40% of children with Autism do not speak. 

Read more:

Local Resources:


U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 1 - 30 

All families need help sometimes. Make the commitment in April to learn new ways to strengthen child and family well-being.

Child Help National Child Abuse Hotline:  1-800-422-4453

Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services

The Child Abuse Prevention Center:  Los Angeles County  | Ventura County

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