Self Defense Workshop for All Ages, Levels and Genders: April 15, 2023

Usable Techniques to Keep You and Your Family Safe - No Prior Experience Necessary!

By Sponsored Post April 1, 2023

Do you want to learn self defense techniques that will help keep you and your family safe? Sign up now for the EmpowereD by Dana in-person or virtual Self Defense Workshop. This is a class the whole family can take together. Recommended age is for 6 years old and up.

Prepare before you need it!

This self defense workshop, taught by Dana Hernandez will be on Saturday, April 15th from 1:00-2:30 pm with options for in-person or virtual.

This self defense workshop is for all ages, all levels and all genders - no experience needed.

 Sign-up NOW - March 29th is the last day to get the Early Bird Deal of only $60 per person!

April 15, 2023 from 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Sign up for in-person workshop

Sign up by March 29th for $60 per person

Location:  Bas Rutten's Elite MMA Gym on 880 X Hampshire Road, Westlake Village, CA.

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One low price for everyone of only $37!!

Your entire family, friends, neighbors can join online from anywhere - this is too good to pass up!

Dana's story

When I traveled to South Africa in 2010, while in Johannesburg, we were told to be cautious as it was a dangerous city. I walked around scared, not knowing what I would do if I were attacked. It was not a comforting feeling. Fast forward to my recent trip to Egypt in October of 2021 where I walked around feeling completely differently. I was much more aware of my surroundings. I took note of exit strategies inside buildings should I need them. Most importantly, I KNEW that  if I were forced to meet violence with self defense, that I would use my bony weapons (think, elbows) against an attackers soft targets (think, jaw/temple.) Whether you plan on traveling alone or not, this world is more unpredictable today than ever. The staggering statistics of increasing incidence of violence since the start of the pandemic are horrifying. Some call centers have reported five times the amount of incidents since 2020. Things happen. Even in safe cities. Have a game plan. Be aware. Learn some fundamentals.

Let me help you.

More about Dana

Dana is a veterinarian turned trainer in the fields of self defense, mixed martial arts, strength training, and nutrition. Oh, and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain. After experiencing firsthand how self defense instruction allowed her to travel the world more freely and walk with less fear, she made it her goal to aid others with the confidence of protecting themselves and their loved ones. Her goal is to empower people in all aspects of self protection: of mind, body, and energy. She encourages everyone to share the knowledge she gives. Likewise, she remains a continual student herself. She thrives off of learning from as many other self defense disciplines as possible on a regular basis. Krav Maga (an Israeli army self defense system), Coach Tony Blauer (founder of SPEAR system and self defense instructor for over four decades) and Sheepdog Response system (self defense fighting combined with weapons instruction) are a few courses that she routinely studies and uses to evolve her seminars. Her combination of high energy instruction and relatable stories will keep you engaged while you gather and practice valuable skills.

Dana holds multiple discipline based self defense seminars at Bas Rutten's Elite MMA gym in Westlake Village, CA approximately every 8 weeks. These are geared toward all ages and all levels at a cost of only $99 per person. No prior experience necessary however if you do have experience, this is a great time to refine your skills and learn more information in a safe, fun environment. Tune into her FB page Empowered by Dana or IG @empoweredbydana for upcoming seminars.

Additionally, she holds private group, partner or individual instruction. Locations of these can be at your facility or an outside area. These can be scheduled directly with her by emailing, or messaging on either social media page. 

Group rates are available and vary with the size of the group. 

Check out her website at for current posts containing useful self defense information.

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