9 MacKid Tips for Packing School Lunches

Do you dread packing lunch every day? Try these hacks to make your life easier!

By Julie Dikken, Publisher and Editor Evergreen & Arvada Macaroni KID May 31, 2023

School day mornings are a busy time for families with kids. Just getting the kids up, dressed and ready for the day is hectic enough - add packing lunches to the task list can throw the morning into a tailspin. But Macaroni Kid is here to help!

This #MacKid Hacks video includes lunchbox tips from Macaroni KID publishers from across the United States. They've suffered through the morning madness and have created tricks to make weekdays go more smoothly. 

In this video, I will show you some simple Macaroni KID lunchbox hacks that have been proven to help make packing lunches easier, more earth-friendly, and even includes a little fun too! 

Click below to see our nine tips to make packing lunches easier for you - And while you're there, we'd appreciate it if you'd give it a like and follow our YouTube channel!

Julie Dikken is the publisher of Colorado's Macaroni Kid Evergreen and Macaroni Kid Arvada.

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