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Where to take your Family to see a movie with the lights up and the sound down

By Brenna Gutell July 21, 2023

Do you love going to the movies, but a member of your family does not? Maybe they have trouble sitting still for what can seem like sooo long or maybe it's just too loud and they are sensitive to noise? I have a solution for you. Did you know that select movies theaters offer sensory-friendly movies showings for families? These can be a lifesaver for a family member who has autism or other special needs.

Parenting is not always easy and we need to take advantage of all the tools available to us. When my boys were younger they were super sensitive to loud noises and had to wear special noise-cancelling headphones/earmuffs to see a show. I also had one of those kids that was super wiggly and chatty when he was little making going to the movies extra challenging.

Take advantage of these sensory friendly movie showings when you can and Find Your Family Fun at the Movies!

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AMC Sensory Friendly Films

AMC Theaters offer special showings where they turn the lights up and the sound down for people living with autism or who have other special needs. These unique movie showings are a place to get up, dance, walk, shout or sing without judgement. 

Sensory Friendly Film showings:  Please check theatre for specific movies and showtimes

  • Family-Friendly: The second and fourth Saturday each moth
  • Mature audiences: Wednesday evenings

Local Los Angeles Options:

Studio Movie Grill - Special Needs Screenings

Our sensory friendly Special Needs Screenings present movies with the lights up, the volume low, and moving around, talking, and even dancing in the aisles is welcome. 

Special Needs Screenings are shown at 11:00am at all SMG locations unless noted otherwise. 

  • Tickets are free for all attendees and available at the Box Office only. Movies vary by location - Parental guidance is suggested.

Local Options:

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

"Alamo for All" is a movie program for young families and guests with special needs. Schedule may vary during holidays. 

  • All shows starting before 2 pm on Tuesdays follow Alamo for All rules, with more shows on the weekends.

At sensory-friendly Alamo for All shows:

  • Lights are turned up and sound is turned down
  • All ages are welcome - including infants
  • Talking and noise is allowed and guests can move around
  • Latecomers are admitted
  • Adaptive technology is welcome - but no other electronics, please

Los Angeles Location:

  • Downtown:  700 W. 7th Street Ste. U240, Los Angeles, CA 90017 | 213-217-9027

Regal My Way Matinee

Regal’s My Way Matinee gives everyone the opportunity to experience a movie with the lights turned up and the volume turned down. This becomes safe space where guests are free to express themselves by singing, crying, dancing, walking around, talking or shouting while enjoying Hollywood’s latest films!

Sensory Friendly Film showings:

Please check your local theatre listings for specific movies and showtimes

  • The first show of the day on select Saturdays each month

Closest Options:

Publisher's note:  While this option is NOT sensory friendly and Not close by, it is child friendly so I'm including it for your information. 

Cinépolis Junior 

Some Cinépolis locations offer a space for families to enjoy the magic of movies in an environment that caters to children. Unlike anything seen before, the playful rooms offer families a way to connect through one-of-a-kind spaces designed with children in mind. 20 minutes of playtime will start before the scheduled showtime. Additionally, there is a 15-minute intermission halfway through the film for children to play, visit concessions and take a bathroom break. 

  • Cinépolis Junior shows G and PG rated children’s films seven days a week
  • Children must be between the ages of 3 and 12 years old and be between 3 and 5 feet tall
  • Children cannot play while the film is playing

Closest location:

The junior auditorium is equipped with a play structure, two slides, and a playpen area, kids get to play before the show starts and during the intermission. This auditorium is uniquely designed for children! Children must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at all times - No adults may enter the Cinépolis Junior theatre unless accompanied by a child. Children must wear socks in the play area.

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Updated June 1, 2023

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