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By Macaroni KID Conejo Valley - Malibu - Calabasas May 1, 2024

Here is everything you need to make Mom feel extra special this Mother's Day! Don't forget about the other special "moms" in our lives like stepmom's, grandmothers, aunts and other's who've treated you like a mother! I also know that Mother's Day can be hard for some and I've got you covered to. 🤗

Celebrating mothers is a wonderful way to show appreciation for all they do. Whether it's with a heartfelt card, a pretty picture, a DIY craft, a bouquet of flowers, a meal out or simply spending time at home together, there are many ways to make moms feel special. It's important to remember that celebrating mothers is not limited to Mother's Day or special occasions, but can and should be done every day to honor their love and sacrifice!

Mothers are the ones who give birth to us or adopt us, nurture us, kiss our boo-boos and make them better while supporting us through all stages of life even when it's not easy. They provide unconditional love, guidance, strength and reassurance, and their influence shapes us into the people we become. From the sleepless nights of infancy to the terrible twos and beyond, let's not forget those not so easy tween and teen years, then onto the challenges of adulthood, a mother's love never wavers. They are truly irreplaceable in our lives and deserve to be celebrated every day.

To make it easier for you I've gathered all of our Macaroni KID Conejo Valley - Malibu - Calabasas Mother's Day articles here into one place. There is a Free printable keepsake just for the kids, a few fun crafts and if you are looking for new ideas to remind mom just how special and cherished she is, I've go you covered there too. Just in case you or the kids want to treat her to a yummy meal, a sweet treat or breakfast in bed, I've included that too - many of which are easy enough for the kids to help or make on their own.

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Print a Little Love: Free Mother's Day Cards to Celebrate Every Mom
Image Credit: Essy Chen

Print a Little Love:

Free Mother's Day Cards to Celebrate Every Mom

At Macaroni KID, we believe Mother's Day is a time to celebrate all the amazing women in our lives. Whether someone is a mom, like a mom, or someone who simply has made a difference in our lives, we want to take time on Mother's Day to honor their impact. Lets not forget grandmas too!

Mother's Day printable 2023
Image Credit: StockPlanets | Canva

Free Printable!

A Special Keepsake From the Kids For Mother's Day

This Mother's Day printable is perfect for kids of all ages — kids can fill it out on their own or with a little help from a grown-up. Enjoy their sweet and funny drawings and responses that makes a great keepsake you'll cherish for years to come.

I heart Mom written in colorful chalk with a drawing of a mom and a girl
Image Credit: Kenishirotie from Getty Images Pro via Canva

A Gift that Mom Really Wants

Mom takes care of everyone, and that's what makes it hard to come up with an idea to do something special for her. Many moms just want more time with family, a break from a mundane task, or some time for themselves. Here are some ideas to get you started to help you make your Mom, Grandma, Stepmom, Aunt or any mom figure feel extra special for Mother's Day.

adult and child with hands out holding a small gift
Image Credit: 89Stocker

30+ "Experience" Gift Ideas

Are you looking for new ideas to make the mom's in your life feel some extra love? Experience" gifts create lasting memories! What a great way to spend some quality one-on-one time with your family - the greatest gift of all.

Help Your Child Make Someone's Day with this DIY Handprint Flower Card
Image Credit: Jenny Sites

Help Your Child Make this DIY Handprint Flower Card

Make Mom's Day special with this DIY handprint flower card. It's easy and fun for kids to make and will warm any mom's heart.

child painting
mage Credit: Kolinko_Tanya | Canva

5 Easy Kid Crafts For Mother's Day

Moms love handmade gifts, here are five simple and inexpensive Mother's Day crafts that even small kids can make for mom, grandma, or any other mother-figure in their lives. These crafts are guaranteed to make her smile!

Recycled Magazine Butterflies an Easy and Beautiful Mother's Day Craft
Image Credit: Sarah Hauge

Recycled Magazine Butterflies

an Easy and Beautiful Mother's Day Craft

This fun and easy decorative craft can be made with materials you likely already have on hand, they will put a smile on mom's face and her walls.

Paper Heart Chain Craft For Valentine's Day
Image Credit: Laura Miller

Paper Heart Chain Craft

Create a decorative and magical chain of paper hearts, it's fun crafting adventure for all ages to show mom a little extra love.

Macaroni Craft: Mother's Day Handprint Flower Pot
Image Credit: Katherine Lydon

Mother's Day Handprint Flower Pot Craft

Make this easy budget friendly keepsake craft even more special with the addition of some flowers or a plant she will enjoy.

Heart-Shaped Food Day Is Nearly Here. . .also Known as Valentine's Day
Image Credit: Canva

Heart-Shaped Foods

Surprise Mom and give her your "heart" with breakfast in bed, a fun snack or small meal made with all heart-shaped foods. They are easy enough for kids to help or make on their own.

Mother's Day casserole
Image Credit: Charlotte Linde

5 Ingredient Dish: Decadent Croissant Casserole for Mom
Plan ahead - his decadent croissant casserole can be prepped the night before and cooked in the morning. It makes a great Mother's day breakfast / brunch treat the kids can help create.

Marshmallow flower cupcakes
Image Credit: lacer from Getty Images Signature

Easy DIY Flower Cupcakes to Make with Your Kids
Present mom with a different kid of flower bouquet  - a sweet treat the kids will have fun making.

Fruit Tarts
Image Credit: maymayv via Canva

Bite-Sized Sugar Cookie Fruit Tarts
"Almost" Too Pretty To Eat
Kids can create these bite sized treats with a readymade sugar cookie crust and their favorite fruits on top, they're easy to make and guaranteed to impress any mom.

Celebrating Over 100 Years of Moms!
Image Credit: Lisa-Blue from Getty Images Signature via Canva

Celebrating Over 100 Years of Moms!

Although mothers have been celebrated since the beginning of time, we've only been celebrating the Mother's Day holiday for just over one hundred years. It's one of the top ten most celebrated holidays each year, in the U.S. and it's celebrated in over 100 countries around the world.

When Mother's Day Isn't Easy
Image Credit: Doidam10 | Canva

When Mother's Day Isn't Easy
Celebrating Mother's Day can bring out complex and sometimes painful emotions. Every mom's journey is unique, we can offer love and support to all moms and acknowledge their struggles.

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