10+ Holidays your Family can Celebrate and Recognize this July!

Summertime Family Fun Things to Do with Your Kids in July!

By Macaroni KID Conejo Valley - Malibu - Calabasas July 8, 2023

July is here! We're in the heat of summer now - or at least we are supposed to be. This month brings to mind the "oohs" and "aahs" of fireworks, long, hot summer days by the pool, the splash pad and the beach along with dinners from the grill, complete with buttery corn on the cob - Yum! There are lots of tasty foods to celebrate this month even one we'll all scream for!

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Here are 10+ holidays you and your family will want to Celebrate, honor and recognize in July:

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Independence Day

July 4

Celebrate the 4th of July with picnics, parades, fireworks and more! One of our favorite holidays of the year. Independence Day or the Fourth of July is an American celebration commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Although the Continental Congress voted in favor of Independence on July 2nd, 1776 it wasn't until 2 days later on July 4, 1776 when the delegates from all 13 colonies officially adopted the Declaration of Independence.  

If you are looking for family fun ways to celebrate our Independence visit the Macaroni KID Conejo Valley - Malibu - Calabasas Event Calendar.

Learn more:

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National Macaroni Day

July 7

Don't make us throw elbows: Macaroni Day is a holiday we love here at Macaroni KID. We feel it has all sorts of pasta-bilities. If your family is like my family it's macaroni day at least weekly especially if it's covered in cheese, although in our house it typically comes from a box. Step outside of the box "pun intended" and consider making one of these easy recipes for your family to celebrate! July 14 is National Macaroni and Cheese Day

Celebrate by trying one of these yummy mac and cheese recipes from Macaroni KID EATS!

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

July 10

This holiday came about because of a children's song from 1907 called the "Teddy's Bear Picnic." Listen to it performed in 1932 by Henry Hall & His Orchestra! Round up the kids and their teddy bear or favorite stuffie to celebrate. Perhaps the menu calls for peanut butter and honey sandwiches, with gummy bears for dessert? Head out to one of our amazing parks or beaches for your Teddy Bear Picnic, look below for location suggestions or set one up at home in your yard or even your living room.

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Shark Awareness Day

July 14

Sharks are super cool, but they can be scary till you learn more. How can your family help sharks? Learn about sharks and how important they are at the Shark Trust website. There's even a quiz to find out what kind of shark you are! Shark Week is July 11-18  and SHARKFEST kicks off July 2 with 72 hours of shark themed programs on National Geographic, Nat Geo WILD, Nat Geo Mundo, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN2.

Shark facts to amaze your kids:

  • There are more than 500 species of shark
  • You're more likely to be killed by a falling coconut than by a shark attack
  • 100 million sharks are killed each year by humans

Visit a local aquarium / sea life center:

Take your kids where they can learn about, see and touch these awesome and amazing creatures in person - don't worry they only let you touch the little ones. 


Learn more about Sharks:

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National Disability Independence Day

July 26

Let’s celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act's 33rd Anniversary, it was signed into law on July 26, 1990! The ADA works to ensure all people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Find out more about this landmark legislation. 

Read about California native Ed Roberts, described as the “father of independent living,” was the disability rights movement’s first major spokesperson. Also read, Two Geniuses, One Wheelchair and an Audacious Plan to Swim with the Whales.

#ThanksToTheADA  #ADA33  #ADANetwork #DisabilityPride

Month long Observances

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National Ice Cream Month

July 1-31

Because just one day won't do, July is National Ice Cream Month. We think a scoop a day is the only way to celebrate. We're luck to have so many local options, stop by your favorite local shop and treat your family to something frozen and yummy! In addition to being "Ice Cream Month" July also offers some special "ice cream days" and a few that are closely related for your family to celebrate! Where to find Yummy Frozen Treats near Conejo Valley-Malibu-Calabasas

National Ice Cream Days in July:

  • July 1 🍨 Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
  • July 7 🍓 Strawberry Sundae Day
  • July 16 🍨 Ice Cream Day
  • July 17 🍑 Peach Ice Cream Day
  • July 23  🍦 Vanilla Ice Cream Day, ✨ Sprinkle Day and 🥜 Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day 🍫
  • July 25 🍫 Hot Fudge Sundae Day
  • July 26 ☕ Coffee Milkshake Day

Fun "ice cream" things to do with your kids:

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National Park and Recreation Month

July 1-31

Get outside with your family and explore some parks new to you this July! Maybe you'll find a new favorite family spot for hiking and playing. We are fortune to have so many amazing options when it comes to local parks in Conejo Valley, Malibu, Calabasas, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, Newbury Park, Thousand Oak and nearby communities.

Local Parks to explore with your kids:

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National Grilling Month

This is perfect timing - some days are just too hot to cook inside, so why not fire up the barbie! You can grill just about anything tasty, including pizza! 

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National Hot Dog Month

Hot diggity dog - it's hot dog month! Too hot to cook inside? It's a great time to fire up the grill and put out all the fixings for a hot dog bar. How creative can your family be? Chili anyone? And of those of us who are vegetarian or vegan there are options for us too.

Hot Dog related National Days in July:

  • July 13:  French Fry Day 🍟
  • July 13:  Beans 'N' Franks Day 🍲
  • July 19:  Hot Dog Day 🌭 
  • July 27:  Chili Dog Day 🌭

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National Watermelon Month

I confess this is one of my favorites, nothing says summer more than a slice of cold and juicy watermelon! Although we can find it in the stores most of the year I have noticed it tasted so much better right now, so much better - so get out and pick up some watermelon for your family. It makes a great healthy snack, a cool treat and it's perfect for popsicles. 

Interesting Watermelon facts:

  • They are 92% water
  • Have been around for over 5000 years
  • Believed to have originated from Africa
  • It's seeds were found in the tomb of King Tut
  • In 2007, Oklahoma designated watermelon as their state vegetable
  • It's one a few foods grown classified as both a fruit and a vegetable
  • On average, Americans eat 14 pounds a year
  • The largest watermelon recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records weighed 350.5 lb.
  • Every part of the watermelon is edible, including the rind

Watermelon recipes and information:

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